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Bridges & Structures

Department Head – Sean Jenq, P.E., Ph.D.
Bridges & Structures

CEC’s Bridge & Structure Division is the most innovative bridge design group among all Ohio bridge design agencies. We use our proprietary Automated Detailing and Drafting (ADD) software, the cecBRIDGE Suite, to prepare final design plans. As a result, CEC bridge engineers are able to devote more time to the design aspects of the project, and to QA/QC, compared to firms that still use manual CAD detailing and drafting. Due to our high degree of automation, we are able to offer the most competitive design fees for replacement or rehabilitation projects.

Structure Study & Design Services:

  • All types of Culverts (Flat-topped or Arch-topped)
  • Composite or Non-composite Prestressed Concrete Box-beam Bridges
  • Prestressed Concrete I-beam Bridges, Tangent or CurvedAlignment
  • Reinforced Concrete Slab Bridges, Tangent or Curved Alignment
  • Rolled Steel Beam Bridges, Tangent or Curved Alignment
  • Welded Steel Girder Bridges, Tangent or Curved Alignment
  • Steel Truss Bridges
  • Utility & Pedestrian Tunnels, Tangent or Curved Alignment
  • Reinforced Concrete Retaining Walls, Tangent or Curved Alignment
  • Drilled Pier Retaining Walls, Tangent or Curved Alignment

Highway & Roadway

Department Head – Tom Hedrick, P.E.

CEC’s Highway & Roadway Division has a long list of successfully completed projects, ranging from complex freeway interchanges to 3-R improvement projects for township roads. Plans can be produced in either AutoCAD or MicroStation format. Aided by in-house Surveying & R/W, Bridge, General Civil, and Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE) Departments, CEC’s project team is able to deliver high quality design products for any roadway project in the most expeditious


Roadway Study & Design:

  • Inter-state Route Reconstruction/Rehabilitation/Resurfacing
  • State/US Route Reconstruction/Rehabilitation/Resurfacing
  • County & Township Road Reconstruction/Rehabilitation/Resurfacing