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The cecBRIDGE Suite consists of the following packages:
cecSTEEL® For Steel Beam and Plate Girder Bridges.
cecPreBox® For Prestressed Concrete Box Beam Bridges.
cecPreI® For Prestressed Concrete I-Beam Bridges.
cecSLAB® For Concrete Slab Bridges.
cecCULVERT® For Three-sided and Closed-Cell Culverts.

What cecBRIDGE can do
Produces the entire set of detailed bridge design plans, superstructure, and substructure.
Calculates Beam Seat Elevations
Calculates Deck Surface & Screed Elevations
Creates Reinforcing Steel List
Performs Quantity

cecBRIDGE is already being used by the Ohio DOT, the Colorado DOT, and more than 30 bridge design agencies in Ohio, West Virginia, Kentucky, and Indiana.

Some of the important benefits of using cecBRIDGE
Greatly reduces the Drafting Time
Significantly reduces the Checking and Review Time
Expedites and streamlines the Work Flow.
Aids in making cost comparisons between alternate bridge types.

Productivity Gains of a Breakthrough Scale
cecBRIDGE will dramatically improve your production efficiency and shorten project completion time.